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Souper serving

red stoneware soup mug with plastic lid

My rosy red CorningWare mug

I cook a lot of soup. One, because I really like using my dutch oven. And two, because soups yield leftovers aplenty and are good reheated for days on end. Easy to toss a container in my lunch bag during the week. (Sadly, sometimes accompanied by leakage.)

Well, my soup-slurping ways have gotten a reboot. I bought a couple of these 20-oz CorningWare stoneware mugs from Target the other day. They called out to me from the end of an aisle, with their ridged sides, bright colors, sturdy handles, and promise of tightly sealed lids. (Curse those marketers and their enticing endcaps!) This is one of those unplanned purchases that was worth every nickel.

No longer do I need to pour soup from whatever container I brought to work into a bigger bowl, crossing my fingers that the thing won’t bubble over in the microwave or burn my hands as I hoist it out, piping hot. This soup mug is perfectly suited to its function. Exactly big enough. The vented lid prevents Mt. Vesuvius-like eruptions. And the handle allows for easy toting. (As a non-coffee drinker, I don’t get to use handled mugs often enough.) And, oh, what a seal! Like super glue.

I’d like to tip my spoon to the designer of something so practical.