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Long-range transportation plan charts new course

In June 2010, MARC’s Board of Directors approved an aspiring new long-range transportation plan that guides how the Kansas City region will manage, operate and invest $18 billion in its transportation system over the next 30 years. Transportation Outlook 2040 responds to many pressures we are facing. How can we grow more efficiently, maintain a competitive economy and preserve the health of the environment, while enabling everyone to access opportunity?

The plan lays out a broad set of goals — from decreasing the use of fossil fuels and creating quality public spaces to taking care of existing transportation infrastructure. Central to Transportation Outlook 2040 is a new vision for how transportation investments will relate to land use in the future. It focuses development in activity centers connected by key transportation corridors that accommodate walkers, bicyclists and high-capacity transit in addition to cars. For the first time, the landmark plan also establishes performance measures that will help assess how the region is making progress toward its goals over time.

“This was, by far, the most extensive attempt to look into the future that we have ever done for the Kansas City region — not just within each of our individual communities,” said John Rod, planning and development manager for the city of Overland Park, and co-chair of MARC’s Technical Forecast Committee.

“As messy as it sometimes can become, the effort of identifying and discussing the factors that have and will likely influence our region’s growth will also help each of our communities to see where we might need to begin discussions that would help us achieve the future our community wants to see happen.”

MARC committees and staff worked with area planners, elected officials and residents to develop Transportation Outlook 2040, sparking the broadest range of participation yet in developing a long-range transportation plan for Greater Kansas City. The results reflect common themes of sustainable development found in local government comprehensive plans.

Mid-America Regional Council
2010 Annual Review

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